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Darth Insipid

"I know you, all of you, all your fears, all your weaknesses. I am the Lord of Terror. I have Been a blight upon this galaxy for longer than most of you have been alive. And you will face the wrath of Avarice."
—Darth Avarice's message to the One Sith after they killed Darth Insipid.

Darth Avarice was a highly unstable and psychopathic Sith Lord. He held the title of Arbiter of the Sith, at least so far as the Dominion knew. In actuality he was the Lord of Terror, a title few knew about, and even few lived to think upon. As an individual he was highly egotistical, and had a Messiah Complex for the majority of his life. He was driven by high ambitions and anger, the angrier he got, the more straight he thought. It was in fact a blinding rage at his partner, Lolarus, that ended his highly developed Messiah Complex reorienting his mind into a more stable, and highly blood thirsty personality.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Avarice was a skilled fighter, being highly skilled, he nearly mastered Ataru, and was a master of the Echani Arts. His physical strength was above average for a humanoid of his size and he once, with a single thrust, pierced an individuals skull with his cane. Being a Sith Lord he was highly skilled in the Force, primarily the Telepathic Powers and Telekinetic Powers of the Force. Avarice could easily fool large groups of weak minded people into seeing or believing various things to certain degrees, and he could easily crush droids, or throats, with little effort. Other areas of the force were not so easy for him, though he was adept with amplifying his speed and agility in the force.


Avarice owned a modified ship The Black Abyss, which was modified to suit his skills at slicing and computer operations. He also owned two lightsabers, of identical hilts. One of which was almost always applied as the handle of a cane so he could move about without his lightsaber noticed. He also owned a large ornate dagger that he often used to torture his victims.

Avarice Dagger

Avarice's Dagger

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