"The Lance of Sekot" was a Powerful Beam weapon powered by Th'ksa crystals, a powerful crystal substance that grows abundantly on Sekot. It fired a massive lance of energy that is capable of wiping hundreds of kilometers of planet surface away, leaving nothing but a field of glass due to the high temperature of the beam. Th'ksa crystals were normally used for lighting houses on Zonama Sekot. How Sekot was able to focus the power of the crystals into a weapon is unknown. All scientists have failed at trying to duplicate the effect. This is the reason why only the Crown of Sekot and some Sekot Constructs like the Majestic-class Star Defender employed the crystals as weapons. Spears of Sekot were the composite beams of the Lance, capable of destroying a large capital ship in two shots, they were smaller and less powerful but equally as deadly as weapons.

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