Chakuri milk was milk produced on Terachuk by the Chakur in which they mixed various herbs and minerals with the milk that their females produced. This mixture made a very potent tonic that had many uses for various different species, from helping to cure simple ailments, to actually being an aphrodisiac to humans if drank in sufficient quantity. Some humanoids, however, refused to drink it because of the fact that unlike Nerfs or Banthas, the Chakur were sentient and many humanoids saw drinking their milk as disgusting. This was highly offensive to the Chakur, and they were known to banish people from their homeworld on pain of death, if a humanoid was daft enough to mention such a thing to them.

Chakuri milk was produced quickly, since female Chakur would produce milk whether or not they were pregnant or not, and so the Chakur had continual exports, thus making their income comfortable and able to support all of their tribes across the surface of Terachuk.

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