Umbris Keep

The Castle of Night

The Castle of Night was one of the two smaller temples for the Remsian religion of Harmony. Harmony revolved around the balance of all things, of which, the balance of Day and Night were highly regarded. As such, the Castle of Night, sometimes called the Castle of Darkness or Night Temple, was built in the image of the Calmness of Night.

The Castle was constructed of Onyx, which gave the structure a black and dark grey colour. The Castle was adorned with 5 towers, each taller than the last. The two forward towers, were flat, allowing for commanding views of the area, while the rear towers, the which rose higher than the forward towers, were topped with sharp claw like structures, three for the smaller, four for the tallest. The Central tower was similarly topped with 4 sharp structures and a massive torch that was lit every night.

The castle's front and back doors were also comprised of Silver and onyx, the front door was massive, over 20 feet tall. It was adorned with the symbol of Umbris, the representation of Night. The back door was smaller, standing only 12 feet tall, and it too was adorned with the symbol of Umbris towards its apex. The rear door opened only for certain individuals, while the front door, normally opened for those who bowed before it.

Beneath the the Castle was a series of catacombs that housed a small group of Templars under the guise of priests of the Religion. The catacombs have been hollowed out into quarters, and featured modern amenities like 'freshers, and autochefs.

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