Biographical information
Service number


Began service


Physical description



a woman with silver-white hair, wearing a silver, and grey bodysuit. Floating behind her, in a vertical rotating Δ (delta shape) are three blue orbs that change with mood.

Political information and functions

Vincent Mikaru

Templars of Twilight

Primary function
  • Personal Assistant
  • Co-Pilot
  • Various other functionality

Callista was an Artificial Intelligence created to assist Vincent Mikaru upon his joining the Templars of Twilight. She was an advanced Computer Matrix with intelligence on par with a genius level sentient being and a very realistic emotional matrix. Her visual appearance was that of a slender woman of apparent Echani decent, with silver hair, she normally wore a silver and grey bodysuit with a commlink. While appearing as a hologram she usually had three blue orbs that rotated behind her in a vertical Δ (delta shape), though they would change path and colour depending on her mood. Vocally she had a voice that was normally described as "attention grabbing" a feature probably brought about by Vincent's absent minded nature.

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