Brinlon Vosk
Biographical Information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of Birth 45 BBY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair color Golden Brown, Shortly cut
Eye color Brown
Personal information
Allies Kev-Mas Colcha
Lightsaber color(s)
Fighting style(s) Dual X-6 Modular Carbines in Pistol Mode, sometimes uses one in Full Carbine Mode
Profession Ex-Shadow Stormtrooper, now Pilot/Soldier for Hire
Chronological and political information
Era(s) *Rise of the Empire Era
Affiliation *Galactic Empire (19 BBY-6 ABY)
Known masters
Known apprentices

Brinlon Vosk was an ex-Shadow Stormtrooper turned Pilot and Soldier for hire, and soon after founder and leader of the Twilight Trooper Corps. He was born on Coruscant, in 45 BBY, to Shiro and Tesssa Vosk.

Early Life Edit

His father, Shiro, was a Soldier in the Republic Army before the Clone Wars, who was cut short of a job once the Clone Troopers were announced. The family shortly after became homeless, and thus, Brinlon was raised in poverty. His parents died of a sickness that was going around in the dirty undercity of Coruscant, and an infant Brinlon was orphaned, and raised by a bounty hunter by the name of Xellian Cordross. Needless to say, once Brinlon was 8 years old, he was helping his adoptive father with his bounties.

Shadow Stormtrooper Edit

By the time of the rise of the Empire, the 26 year old Brinlon had already made quite the name for himself as a Bounty Hunter, even moreso than his adoptive father, who had died in a mission at the start of the Clone Wars. He had completed several bounties for the Republic during the Clone Wars, and caught the attention of the new Shadow Stormtrooper Corps.

He was inducted into the 53rd Shadow Stormtrooper Legion as the Legion Commander, under the Emperor's Shadow Guard by the name of Kev-Mas Colcha.


Brinlon Vosk after leaving the Empire

After the Empire Edit

Eventually, he and Kev-Mas left the Empire with him right after the Battle of Endor, along with several others from the Legion, and joined the Sith faction under the Inquisitor calling himself Darth Sanguinis.

In 6 ABY, Brinlon, Kev-Mas, and the Legion left and started the Pirates of the Twilight.

In 12 ABY, Brinlon went with Kev-Mas to Zonama Sekot, and shortly after, Brinlon helped start a new Army of Volunteer forces mainly from , known as the Twilight Trooper Corps.


Vosk Family Seal

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