This article is about the starfighter squadron. You may be looking for Dark Wolf a Derak-class Heavy Prowler.

The Black Wolves were a starfighter squadron in the 82nd Airborne Division of the Templars of Twilight Marine Corps. The Black Wolves were an elite fighter force, akin to the New Republic's Rogue Squadron. When they were originally founded in 50 BBY they used various starfighters purchased from external sources. Following 8 ABY they, along with majority of the other starfighter squadronds in the Military adopted the Aeternus-class Heavy Interceptor.

They continued to use the fighter until 40 ABY when they were temporarily relocated to Zonama Sekot, while at Zonama Sekot they had Strum-class Atmospheric Gunships which they used during the Avengeance Incident. Following the Avengeance Incident they were transfered to Remsi Prime to train starfighter pilots in the new X-3 Dagger starfighter, which they used till 95 ABY. From 95 ABY and beyond they used the Vindicator-class Stealth Interceptor.

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