Biofoam Medical Pack

Self-sealing Biofoam was developed by the Remsian Medical Authority in 32bby. Biofoam is a healing coagulant, antibacterial foam that is inserted into the skin and even deeper into the body itself. This foam keeps damaged organs in place and helps stop bleeding and hemorrhaging. It is, unfortunately, very painful to use, being described as burning ants crawling around the wound. It is an improvised medical option when there are no medics available. Normally bottles of biofoam are found in a Health Pack.

Biofoam dispensers were standard in most Exo-suit built built by the Templars. If an injury was sustained the suits systems would dispense the biofoam accordingly. Vincent Mikaru was known to say that the Foam was "A necessary Evil," and that he thought it worked mainly because it, "Makes you think about a different kind of pain." It is known that Bacta as not one of the ingredients in biofoam.

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