Bio-Electric Pulse Cannon
Production information

Shipboard Weapon

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit


Fire Mode

Bio-Electric Energy Pulse



Rate of Fire



Legacy era


Zonama Sekot


The Bio-Electric Pulse Cannon often called simply the Pulse Cannon was an organic weapon grown onboard the Sekotan Star Cruiser. The weapon generated a series of high energy plasma bursts that shot forward at high speed and did damage comparable to a cluster of heavy turbolasers. The energy was formed by the ship itself, its own bio-electric field forming into a coherent burst of energy. Each shot fired 5 pulses with each pulse being equal to a heavy turbolaser blast. After firing the weapon required a recharge time of several seconds. However, due to the nature of the weapon it could only be fired for so long before the ship required time to rest. This was the downside to its power. While a Ship armed with a Pulse Cannon could easily take on one or two ships larger then itself, the more ships it had to deal with the more it would drain the ship. It was known that at least one Cruiser, the first one grown, developed two cannons after reaching full maturity.

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