Bifrost was an annual event in the Jotun System. The world of Ragnarok, the second planet of the system, orbited the star Jotun once every 200 days, and the third world Jotunheim orbited once every 204 days. Add this slightly different orbital period and Jotunheim's massive gravitational pull allowed for once, every year for four days the two worlds to come close enough to share a magnetic field.

During this time, young men and women on Jotunheim travel the gauntlet from world to world, as a test of bravery and honor. The goal of the quest was to traverse the space between worlds, which is full of magnetic interference making advanced navigation systems nearly useless. Land on the radiated world, and travel as far as you could from your ship in and hour, plant a flag with your families crest on the world, and return before the radiation became to much for one to bear.

This was extremely dangerous and the event was monitored by the government of Jotunheim, to be sure that individuals were safe and returned healthy. To participate in the event one needed to be in good health and at least 20 years old and the craft they used had to be pre-approved by the Bifrost Administration. As such many people rented craft specifically for the event for roughly equal to 2,000 credits. As of 100ABY the record for the longest distance, 6 kilometers, was held by the Fólkvangr Clan.

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