Ber'ta-class Heavy Battle Droid
Ber'ta-class Heavy Battle Droid
Production information

Mikaru Corporation


Galactic Merchants Union




Battle Droid

Technical specifications

4 meters


Masculine Programing

Sensor color


  • Heavy Laser Cannons (2)
  • Blaster Cannons (2)
  • Ion Cannons (2)
  • Projectile Launchers (2)

Spotter Droids (2)

Chronological and political information

The Ber'ta-class Heavy Battle Droid was an incredibly large and powerful battle droid built and designed following the battle of Endor. Standing at 4 meters tall and and covered in thick armor the droid was an imposing sight. Its arms held a large assortment of weapons, a Heavy Laser Cannon, Blaster Cannon, Ion Cannon, and Projectile launcher in each arm. This large armament and heavy armor made them perfectly suited for heavy defense and assault, which they were quite often used for.

It was most often used in urban combat, where its two shoulder mounted spotter droids aided it in locating targets. The two droids would launch up and hover over a target area and relay data back to the main droid. It would then seek out its targets and destroy them. In some models instead of two spotter droids a large shoulder mounted cannon designed to fire large ballistic shells would be mounted allowing the Droid to act as an artillery unit.

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