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Battle of Thyrsus

Bengali Uprising


~2000 BBY




Echani Command

Sun Guard of Thyrsus


Yusan Myru

Supreme Sun Guard

  • Sun Guard
  • Thyrsus Defense Force

Moderate to Heavy

Moderate to Heavy


The Battle of Thyrsus was the ultimate confrontation between the Echani and the Sun Guard of Thyrsus during the Bengali Uprising. The battle lasted over a month and saw heavy casualties on both sides. The end result was the secession of Thyrsus from the Six Sisters and the eventual reformation of Echani Command.

The UprisingEdit

The BattleEdit


Following the battle after the Echani were forced to retreat several events occurred. It became apparent that the female dominate traditions of the Echani were no longer suited for the day and age. Though it was slow forming changes were made within all echelons of the Echani granting males equal rights and statuses. It took nearly two decades however for a Male Echani to be elected to the council of Six Sisters, which was renamed the Council of High Arbiters.

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