Refurbished Phase 2 Blaze Trooper armor

Armour is protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an individual or a vehicle through use of direct contact weapons or projectiles, usually during combat. Armour has been used to protect soldiers, war animals such as war horses (the application for the latter called barding), and war machines such as warships and armoured fighting vehicles.


Armour had been used throughout recorded history, and manufactured from a variety of materials; starting with rudimentary leather protection, personal armour evolved into mail and full plated suit of armour. For much of military history the manufacture of metal armour in the core worlds has dominated the technology and employment of armour. Armour production was a cause of the development of many important technologies of Ancient Worlds, including wood lamination, mining, metal refining, vehicle manufacture, leather processing, and later decorative metal working. Its production has been influential in evolving industrial revolutions, and influencing commercial development of metallurgy and engineering.

Background InfoEdit

In relation to the Remsian Republic, armor can come in many different forms. The most common form of armor used by Templars are body gloves, very light forms of armor that are form fitting, providing minimal protection at maximum movement. A step up from this, is Body Armor such as the TT-1 Battle Armor, which is simply padded clothing with light armored vest and boots. A step up from this is the TT-1a Assault Armor which is the TT-1 Battle Armor with additional armored parts around the shoulder, back, arms, and legs.

Beyond this is full body power armor, such as the Norn-type Combat Armor which the Templars use for standard Marine armor. It incorporates the hole user in an armored shell, with a backpack containing a repulsor pack, and power-cell. And a step up from this, is the Exoskeleton, which, is like power armor, but also incorporates systems that enhance the wearers strength and speed making them more deadly in combat.

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