Arla Kress
Biographical Information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of Birth 147 BBY
Date of Death 133 ABY
Physical Description
Species Sephi
Gender Female
Height 1.5 meters
Hair color white
Eye color pink
Cybernetics equipped with two high powered hearing enhancers
Personal information
Lightsaber color(s) violet
Fighting style(s) Ataru
Profession Templar of Twilight
Chronological and political information
Position Gin Shishou
Era(s) *Rise of the Empire Era
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
Known masters Leor Danal
Known apprentices Zan Havatis

Arla Kress was a Sephi Jedi Padawan and later a Templar of Twilight. She was also one of the founding members of the Templars of Twilight, The Founding Seven. She was quite talented in lightsaber combat, specializing in Ataru. She was also a borderline genius in the force, almost rivaling Dade Leviathan, Darth Sidious, and Luke Skywalker in their power during the latter years of her life. She was an albino, as well as mostly deaf and depended upon the force and high powered hearing enhancers to hear. Not being able to hear well, she spoked to people by sign language, telekinetic communication or writing. Being deaf, however, did not make her any less powerful although arguably she might have been a better lightsaber duelist had she not been born with such a handicap.

She was found by the Jedi on Coruscant as a month old baby. Her mother, not wanting her, had thrown her into one of the dumpsters of the lower level of Coruscant after not being able to care for her.

She was one of only three founding members of the Templars of Twilight who were still alive when the Templars absorbed the Twilight Jedi.

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