Argus-type 120mm Coil Gun
Production information

Coil Gun


Unguided Ballistic

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

1,400 rounds standard per barrel

Ammunition Type

120mm High Explosive Penetrator


Asynchronous Linear-Induction

Rate of Fire


Muzzle Velocity





Kallana-type 46cm Cannon


Mark-XXXVI Defense Gun


Free Echani Alliance


The Argus-type 120mm Coil Gun was an Anti-Ship weapon used on Echani Warships. The weapon used magnetic coils to launch a 120mm shell at high velocities. The shell was designed to punch through enemy shields, as Ray Shields were mostly lacking in the average warship, pierce the ships hull, and detonate. The weapons were dual barreled and each could launch a shell every second. Standard operations generally had the gun stutter fire the barrels, launching a shell every half second.


The Argus came with three forms of ammo that could be loaded for a standard operation. The standard was a 120mm High Explosive penetrator. Complimenting this was a 120mm Flak round, and a 80mm Discarding Sabot sub munition.

120mm HE PenetratorEdit

The 120mm HE Penetrator was a classic munition design. A large shell, with a dense forward tip, containing an explosive charge that would detonate a short time after impact. Utilizing advanced munitions technology the round held small micro-sensors that allowed the round to detect an impact, and when it had pierced the targets hull. These sensors were relatively cheap and could malfunction however. In the case of a round ricocheting or being pushed off by particle shields the sensors would trigger the detonation of the round, to damage the hull or shields of the target.

120mm Flak RoundEdit

The Flak round is an Anti-Starfighter and Anti-Missile munition. The round is launched, and at a set distance, time, or when the operator detonates the round the casing of the slug will rupture. Inside the rounds small sheets of metal and other small bits of flak that are released into the area around the detonation. These bits and pieces interfere with some sensors, and can get logged in starfighters traveling at high speeds, and can cause missiles to detonate prematurely on impact. The down-side of this round is it leaves micro-debris in the area where the battle took place, which takes time to clean up, if the effort is even taken.

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