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Water Research Base

The Templars, around 140aby, began to establish an Aquatic Research Base on Anothelis. The Bases primary function was to understand the force and its interactions with aquatic creatures. In fact this research base was the only place that was permitted to house and breed Tem'lagaru outside of Zonama Sekot though there is a vast system of barriers keeping them from getting loose. They all have tracking devices on them that will, if they go loose, will inject an enzyme that will inhibit their reproductive systems till their recaptured.

The base also worked on hydroponics and accelerated growth to make smaller ships more self sufficient. Including but not limited to accelerated fruit growth in the form of berries up to tomato size, even hydroponic fungi growth. At current the hydroponics department of the base can produce in 3 months what would take a farm 4-6 months normally.

Perhaps the most unusual design going on at the base was a High Pressure Water Cannon that is being designed solely for the Therali. The Cannon would help them make accurate cuts to steel and can easily form statues.

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