Anothelian Wasp
Anothelian Wasp


Planet of origin


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Razor Sharp Stinger

The Anothelian Wasp is a common predator found throughout Anothelis. The Anothelian Wasp had evolved with potent venom, which it sometimes uses for defense. The creatures’ large stinger was the only thing that kept it protected because the creatures’ shell and inner body are soft. It had four wings to keep its body stabilized in high altitude, windy conditions.

The Anothelian Wasp wandered from its nest daily to get prey for itself and Queen. They used its venom to subdue prey than use its powerful mandibles to eat all of its prey. A potent neurotoxin, which worked by shutting down the nervous system. Soon the diaphragm of the prey would stop moving and in 1-10 minutes the prey would be dead. The Wasps stinger can't pierce through thick or hard materials.

The Wasps do all other activities inside the nest. The central queen lays the eggs and the others take care of them until they hatch. They sleep inside the nest as well taking turns for guarding.

Anothelian Wasp Family GeneologyEdit

Morphology: Anothelian WaspEdit

Airborne insect equipped with a venomous stinger capable of shearing steel.

The Anothelian Wasp rarely strays far from its hive unless it is pursuing an immediate threat. It attacks with no regard for its own survival, dive-bombing its enemy with stinger extended. Fast-working toxins from the stinger can incapacitate most small organisms.

Morphology: Ram Anothelian WaspEdit

Airborne predator.

Circles its prey and then strikes. Theses Anothelian Wasps are the only species on Anothelis to evolve a true hive mind. Nesting in damp, dark places, Ram Anothelian Wasps emerge in small groups when threatened and circle their enemy at high speeds, disorienting it. Striking from all sides as a single intelligence, they can fell huge organisms.

Morphology: Barbed Anothelian WaspEdit

Airborne insect with the ability to launch its stinger at prey.

A highly aggressive member of the Anothelian Wasp family, this insect can propel the tip of its stinger up to 20 meters. The stinger tips regrow seconds after launch, and contain an acidic compound designed to predigest prey.

Morphology: HiveEdit

Primary Anothelian Wasp dwelling.

Only vulnerable to heavy weaponry. Anothelian Wasps build their homes out of existing crevices, using whatever materials are close at hand. They carry building fragments back to the construction site with their forelegs and glue them into place with adhesives secreted from their abdomens.

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