Aeternus-class heavy interceptor
Production information

Kuat Systems Engineering

Product line

Eta series





Modified by

Pirates of the Twilight

Technical specifications

5.47 meters


4.3 meters


S-Foils Closed: 1 meter
S-Foils Extended: 2.5 meters

Maximum acceleration

5,500 G


150 MGLT (doubled while boosting)

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

17,000 km/h

Engine unit(s)

Astral Ion Drives (2)

Hyperdrive rating

Class 1.0
Class 0.8 with a Hyperdrive Ring

Hyperdrive system

TransGalMeg hyperdrive thrusters (2)

Power plant

MPS Bpr-99 fusion reactor


Dragon Mail Shielding


Agrinium Coated Ablative Hull Armor

Sensor systems


Targeting systems


Navigation system

10-jump memory




Sensor mask and jamming systems


Taim & Bak laser cannons (4)
Ion cannons (2)
Energy torpedo launchers (2)


Pilot (1)
Astromech droid (1)



Cargo capacity

60 kilograms


2 days

Other systems

The Aeternus-class Heavy Interceptor was a Pirates of Twilight improvement of the already effective Eta-2 interceptor produced by Kuat Drive Yards. Modifying the Original Model's Cockpit with additional armor increased its combat effectiveness. The additional space and mass also allowed for a more effective Shield system, folding armor, and a hyperdrive thrusters.


The Aeternus-class Heavy Interceptor was a heavily modified Eta-2 in design, originally modified by the Pirates of Twilight and adopted by the Remsian Republic. Its biggest additions were two additional laser cannons, two energy torpedo launchers and additional armor. The armor was interesting in two respects. Firstly, it was ablative, its properties gave it the ability to shed energy much more effectively than normal armor, allowing it to take more punishment and for longer operation with the s-foils closed. Secondly, it retracted, when heavy combat was required, the armor folded up and slid inward towards the center, revealing the two additional laser cannons and the torpedo launchers, allowing it to conceal its true bite until a moment was needed to spring it upon an enemy.

Vindicator-class RefitsEdit

Main Article: Vindicator-class

Around 40ABY the Aeternus-class was redesigned to modernize the aging Eta-2 design. The redesign was a combination of the original Eta-2 and the Delta-7 creating a dagger shaped hull with two blade like wings that extend out from the side. The new design was much more aerodynamic than any of its predecessors cutting through the air with such effectiveness that it created a slipstreaming effect.

This new design, dubbed the Vindicator was quite modular, allowing for three subclasses of the refit, the Vindicator-class Interceptor, Vindicator-class Stealth Interceptor, and the Vindicator-class Assault Starfighter. The standard Vindicator was armed similarly to the original Aeternus with the addition of a TAR-MK-III rotary cannon. The Stealth Interceptor was nearly equal in armament but outfited with stealthed systems in the place of the rotary cannon that allowed it to act as a stealth ship. And the Assault Starfighter was very heavily armed, with nearly twice the weaponry of the standard Vindicator, but with such a low service window that it could not operate away from a mothership or main base.

Gehenna FighterEdit

Main Article: Gehenna Fighter

The Gehenna Fighter was a modified version of the Eta 2.5 designed for use in the Ice Field of Gehenna. Given two extra Engines and armor with all but the two laser cannons removed. Modified to be used in the Field because of the need for better maneuvering over armor or shields. Only about 30 were ever made and nearly all of them were assigned to the Station starting at its construction. Outside the field they had a top speed of 10MGLT over their brothers and far higher maneuverability, but they lacked the same bite.

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