Heavy Attack Droid
Advanced Assault Droid Walker
Production information

Mikaru Corporation



Technical specifications



Masculine Programing

Sensor color


  • Blaster Cannons (4)
  • Beam Laser (1)

shield generator

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era
New Republic era
New Jedi Order era
Legacy era


The Advanced Assault Droid Walker more commonly called the AADW was a droid designed by the Mikaru Corporation. Originally conceived decades before the onset of the Clone Wars it was re-worked as an answer to the CIS Dwarf Spider Droid models and Droideka combat droids. The Droid was as large as a a Dwarf Spider Droid, as heavy armed as an Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid, and with the shield systems of a Droideka. It could reach a top speed of nearly 80kph with its four legs by slowly moving into a gallop like motion.

For its primary armament it had 4 heavy laser cannons that could deal massive damage to any target in front of it. Its secondary armament was a laser cannon similar to those found on a LAAT/i. The shield system, while similar to a Droideka's was larger and more powerful and more advanced. The Droideka's shield was designed to enclose the Droideka in a standing position, but if the droid was to be knocked on its side or against a wall, the shield would have no way of distinguishing the wall or floor from a blaster rifle or lightsaber. But the AADW's shield was designed to form directly around the body of the Droid, allowing for it to operate in tighter quarters and with less chance of sensor overload.

Unfortunately, the AADW never got picked up by the Republic. Prejudice against droids, refusal by clones to work with droids, and other issues kept the Republic from wanting to use the droids. As such, hundreds of unused AADW's sat unused in various Mikaru warehouses around the Galaxy or on the hanger levels of Echani ships. During the Rebellion several Mikaru's secretly arranged for the rebels to "attack and raid" some of these wearhouses giving the Rebellion access to the droids. After the establishment of the New Republic the Mikaru Corporation sold the droids to various elements, as security droids and for other uses.

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