The AX-27L force suppression fields were force suppression fields invented by Tera Byssta that emulated the signals sent by ysalamiri that suppressed the force. Unlike ysalamiri that created an absence of the force where it couldn't be used, the force suppression field suppressed midichlorians, thus making it impossible to use or feel the force, instead of just creating an absence. These fields could be calibrated to have a range anywhere between a few feet to a few kilometers. The AX-27L were not put into production until Tera Byssta's grandson, Eruk designed the Averard Penitentiary. The penitentiary featured 52 AX-27Ls, thus making it impossible to use or feel the force anywhere within the penitentiary. The prisoner shuttles of the penitentiary features miniature versions of these, making it impossible to use the force within the shuttles as well.

The weakness of the AX-27L was that they depended upon a large amount of power, and a power outage, even one on a system with a network of generators, would make them fail because of the immense power they required to operate.

Acronym Meaning: A=Advanced; X=Nullifier; 27=Number of Circuits; L=Type of Circuit.

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