Production information
Manufacturer Mikaru Corporation
Product line
Class Walker
Technical specifications
Height 8.3m
Maximum speed 90kph
Engine unit(s) Compact fusion generator
Armament *Horizontal Laser Turret (1)
  • Vertical Laser Turret (1)
  • Heavy Laser Cannon (1)
  • Pincer Claw (1)
  • Manipulator Arm (1)
Crew 2
Cargo capacity 100kg
Role(s) *Recon
  • Assault
  • Heavy Calvary
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Cargo Moving
  • Underwater Operations
Era(s) Rise of the Empire era

Rebellion era
New Republic era
New Jedi Order era
Legacy era


The AT-VT or All Terrain Variable-use Transport was a small two legged walker designed by the Mikaru Corporation during the Clone Wars as an answer to the Republics need for Walkers. Designed to be a simple, quick, two person walker that could preform several jobs without the need to be retrofitted. The design was flawed, and much to advanced for the current technology, resulting in no more than prototypes being produced for nearly a decade.

During the reign of the Empire, the AT-VT was redesigned from the bottom up. It was very similar in basic design to the the imperial AT-ST, which was in fact its greatest rival both financially and on the battle field. It preformed on par with the AT-ST in all fields save heavy assault, as the AT-VT only carried three lasers while the AT-ST carried other heavy weapons.

The Cannons on the AT-VT allowed it to rotate a weapon in any direction, giving it the ability to attack behind above and to the sides of it. In other roles, the AT-VT preformed superb, it could use its manipulator to move cargo loads. The heavy pincer claw it featured on its right 'arm' permitted it to punch through heavy armor, in combat trials at close range it literally tore an AT-ST apart. The most unusual feature of the AT-VT was a propulsion jet and repulsor system that let it operate under water.

The AT-VT saw limited success however, the AT-ST was considered more favorable because it was much cheaper to produced and expendable. In the end the Mikarus found themselves with several hundred unsold units and their primary customer was no longer purchasing. In response to this the Mikaru's sold many of the units at low prices that bearly made them any profit, many of them making their hands into resistant movements. A few dozen however were kept at various Mikaru instillations around the galaxy as added security measures.

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