'Artificial Intelligence, A.I. or more commonly AI were an advanced Computer Matrices that took the form of an intelligence equal to that of a sentient being, similar to droids. Unlike droids however, AIs had no physical body, unless you counted the computer networks or star ships they inhabited.


Most AIs give themselves a unique appearance (otherwise known as an avatar) that corresponds to their main use. AIs generally can not learn anything that is outside of their set limits of their dynamic memory processing matrix. They are quite useful in their particular field of expertise, but very limited outside of it. Some AIs can function and learn as long as they are active, but are limited to their memory and can 'think themselves to death'. A single normal AI could be stored in the primary memory block of a Templar Datapad.

Known AIsEdit

  • Winter - AI in charge of Gehenna Mining Colony.
    • Avatar: An old man with a snowy cape, often accompanied by holographic ice and snow or a wolf-like creature.
  • Cilia - Teacher - TONI Dumb AI - Anothelis, Templar Fleet Shipyards, and Mikaru Compound
    • Cilia took the appearance of a the Echani goddess Ly'che.
  • Doppler - Communications and Observations AI - All Under Heaven
    • Doppler's Avatar is that of a man in a black suit. He wears black black sunglasses and talks with frequent pauses.
  • Summer - Planetary Infrastructure - Muspelheim
  • Beowulf - Mass Replicated TMC Infiltration AI
  • Callista - Vincent Mikaru's personal AI
    • Callista's Avatar is that of a woman with long silver-white hair, wearing a blue, silver, and gold outfit. Floating behind her, in a vertical rotating Δ (delta shape) are three blue orbs. They tend to change colour to represent her mood. Callista's voice was very attention grabbing, a trait due in part to Vincent's absentmindedness.
  • Surtr - Smart AI in charge of the Colcha Stronghold
    • Surtr's Avatar is that of a large, giant-sized man with long thick black hair and beard, wearing traditional Vaeringjar Metal Armor and a crown of flames. A large, bright, flaming sword floats behind him, blade pointed upwards. He spoke with a harsh, gruff, deep and booming voice.
  • Durandal - Special Operations AI - NAVSPECWARCOM
  • [Name pending] - Interactive AI - Templar Mainframe & Database, Small Ship Interface, and Library Keeper
  • LEGION (Logarithmically Engineered Governing Intelligence Operations Network) - Templar Command and Control AI.
    • Avatar appears as a large cloaked figure with glowing blue eyes and wisps of smoke for its hands.

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