The 53rd Stormtrooper Legion often called the 53rd or the Deathbringer Legion was a unit in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. Numbering in 10,800 troopers with an unusually high amount of Shadow stormtrooper at 2,500 strong. With their headquarters in the legion Commander's flagship the Deathbringer of which the 2,500 shadow troopers were assigned.

The 53rd Legion was considered to be one of the upper echelon groups of stormtroopers close to but not quite on par with the legendary Vader's Fist. Their missions were usually those considered to be top priority but not as high as those assigned to Darth Vader and his troopers.

Consisting of an irregular amount of troops for a legion the separated into 3 large Battalions, which were each part of the 53rd Imperial Battle Group each battalion was assigned three Gladiator-class Star Destroyers in bolstered regiments of 1,200. In addition to the 53rd Stormtrooper Legion the Battle Group contained the 82nd Starfighter Corps.

Following the Battle of Endor when many Moffs and Commanders became Imperial Warlords and sought to carve out their own empires, Kev-Mas and the 53rd, having come into evidence of the true treachery of the Empire, formed a privateer organization known as the Pirates of Twilight. Operating from the Outer Rim they worked against the greater Empire and Warlords.

53rd Imperial Battle GroupEdit

53rd BattalionEdit

Commander: Emperor's Shadow Guard Kev-Mas Colcha
Flagship: HIMS Deathbringer
Other Vessels: HIMS Stormhawk
HIMS Starfall

784th BattalionEdit

Commander: Commander Bring Marcho
Flagship: HIMS Legacy
Other Vessels: HIMS Storm Break
HIMS Vengeful Fist

785th BattalionEdit

Commander: Commander Victor Almark
Flagship: HIMS Reborn
Other Vessels: HIMS Arios
HIMS Cherudim

Armor DiversityEdit

The 53rd Legion had a diverse group of troopers aside from the Shadowtroopers. Many of the troopers preferred to wear variations of Katarn Mark VI armor over newer (and often less effective) stormtrooper armor. This preference was shared by the Legions commander. These Variations included the 53rd Pilot Armor, 53rd High Orbit Precision Entry Armor, 53rd Commando Armor, 53rd Recon Armor, 53rd Urban Combat Armor, 53rd Firestorm Armor, and the 53rd Aquatic Assault Armor variations.


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